Converter (Coming Soon)

Buy NFTs from projects that backup their promises with real token value.
Convert NFTs
How it works
The Converter helps collectors convert their NFTs for tokens.
Connect your wallet, select NFTs and convert.


As an NFT collector, we all know how frustrating it is when flippers undercut the floor price directly after mint. As this race-to-the-bottom continues, the floor price soon dips below mint price and that can ring the death knell for any project.

To try and counter this devastating trend, we created the Converter. The Converter is a floor preservation mechanism whereby projects can prop up the floor price by offering to exchange NFT assets for a bag of tokens. This bag would approximate the value of the asset at mint. Would-be-flippers would then get more value exchanging their NFT for tokens rather than listing below floor price on the secondary market. And in so doing, the floor would largely remain intact.

We have trialled the Converter with our own Rarity Dawg NFT and collectors have received between 80% and 95% of the value back.

In the future, we hope that more projects will use the Converter to protect their NFT collections so that collectors will have the confidence to know that there assets are protected.
Converter Benefits
Use the Converter to safeguard your collection against flippers undercutting the floor price.
Healthy floor => key metric in assessing health of overall project
Collector confidence => incentivise buying and hodling
Token distribution => market and brand your project to wider audience