An Arty PFP. With Sweet Utility. Paws-itively.
Art Dawg is not only one of the most unique PFP collections, but it's also stacked with utility for Cardano and Polygon holders to use in the Splash platform. The main collection was created by artist Nihat Bayir. The 150 super rares were handmade by 25 artists from 6 different blockchains.
"The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself. Or your dawg.”
- Jiddu Krishnamurti (adapted)

Adopted Art Dawgs


Mint Date
Jun 3rd '23
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Why hold an Art Dawg?

Holder Rewards

Diamond hand collectors get rewarded for holding Art Dawgs coming Q3 2023.

Utilities Boost

Get up to a 30% boost (3% boost per Dawg) on all token comp for:
- Booster
- Recycler

Gaming Boost

Dawg holders get exclusive access to the most popular games and/or up to a 30% token boost (3% boost per Dawg) on select games:
- Flipper


Holders can fetch 3 items from the recycling bins for a single Dawg or peruse our vaults for premium fetches.
- Recycling bins & Vault

Minting And Post-Minting Bonuses

Airdrops At Minting Milestones
Mint dawgs at these milestones and you'll be airdropped the following (only until June 10th):  
300th => Equine Pioneer Horse
600th => Good Charlotte Clay
900th => DEADPXLZ
1200th => SpaceBudz
1500th => Ape Society
Airdrops For Wild Card NFTs
Mint one of 4 Snoop Dawg Wild Card NFTs and you'll be airdropped a large Baked Nation Pitch from the Clay Nation metaverse.
Airdrops For Hodling
Hodl a pack of 10 Art Dawgs (must have at least 1 super rare) for 6 months and get airdropped 1 million Monet (current value 1500 ADA).
A mechanism that helps protect the floor price of NFT collections. Art Dawg is equipped with the Converter. Learn more
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July/Aug 2023
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Why hold an Art Dawg?

Dawg Voucher

Want to get your project or token promoted? Send us your Dawgs for services. We don't want to leave any strays behind on secondary markets.

Gaming Boost

Dawg holders get exclusive access to the most popular games and/or up to a 30% token boost (3% boost per Dawg) - Q3 2023.

Art Dawg Collaborating Artists

We’re collaborating with 25 artists to complete the Dawg transformation!
Nihat Bayir
Nihat Bayir is a Cubist artist with the gift of synesthesia. This means that he can see the color of sounds and smells. Based in Istanbul, he is currently a featured artist on the Artano marketplace. His collections include Cubist Cardano, Faces of Istanbul and The Edge of Sanity. He recently had a week of successful auctions in The Art Bank discord.
Ernst Blaad
Ernst Blaad has been doing his style of art since he was a boy. Paper and pencil were always his favorite toys. He tried to follow the style of so-called great artists but it just wasn’t for him. He wanted to create art out of his scribbles. Blaad Planet is the home of Ernst Blaad. This virtual space gives Ernst all the freedom to create his art without any standards, trends or conventions.
Tim Joel
After graduating in BTEC General Art and Design at Epsom College in England, Tim moved to Koh Samui, Thailand in 2000. He kicked off his painting career whilst living in a beach hut on Koh Samui. His main inspiration has always been the sun. A few years later he moved to Taipei, Taiwan where he hosted numerous exhibitions and forged lifelong friendships. He finally returned to the UK in 2019 with his two small children. He is now a co-founder of The Joel Gallery in Mousehole, Cornwall.
The Heartist Artist
Zach hails from Texas, US and has been creating awesome art on Cardano, Tezos and Ethereum for a few years now. We love his style having first come across his art on Artano. We're thrilled that he is participating in Art Dawg.

My artwork is a self-expression of my life experiences, traumas, and my yearn to fully understand what it means to be a sentient human being.
Kirana Bubblegum
Cardano, Tezos
Kirana is a freelance artist from Indonesia who recently made the move from Tezos to Cardano. Kirana enjoys doing logo and mascot designs as well as character art with a futuristic and robotic skin. Robot Rover, on the left, is probably the most badass Dawg in the collection!
Ali Ergin
Ali is an NFT artist based in London. After doing a few collabs with projects on other blockchains, we are very fortunate that he is now doing his first on Cardano with Art Dawg.

I think and draw, read and draw, breath and draw, and think some more. Art is how I express myself. I'm here to be me.
Manu lives in Valencia, Spain. With a background in graphic design, he has developed a passion for illustration that he incorporates into his projects. The colors and the characters are always in his head (as well as a few beers!). He has been on Cardano for more than a year working on the Phoenix Arena project as an Illustrator and designer.
Era Rasendriya
Era originates from Indonesia. He is a 1/1 illustrator for banner and storyteller artwork on Cardano. Era specializes in irregular line art as well as harmonious color branding. His art is bold and imaginative as you can see from the Art Dawg depicted. He has a large following on Instagram where his art can be fully appreciated.
Tunc Suerdas
Tunc is an artist, photographer and collector based in Turkey. He is the creator of the popular 'Shamanic Roots' collection on Avalanche. We are very lucky to be collaborating with him and can't wait to see how he interprets Art Dawg.

Creates and collects
fun for art & art for fun...
nothing more, nothing less...
Arupa Dawa
Dawa is a traditional artist and children's book illustrator from Indonesia. She is quite new on Cardano and only recently decided to dive into the NFT world.

I am very enthusiastic about being in Art Dawg. This is the first time I have interacted with NFT creators.We love Ace Dawg and are excited to see what dawgs Dawa comes up with next.
Evolved Arts
Evolved Arts is a 3D artist who is passionate about creating animations, 3D art, writing and the Cardano community.

Life is hard in the mountains, but it is inspiring and beautiful!
Nastaran is an Iranian self-taught artist. Her experiences and attentiveness towards drawing led to her life-lasting career which is illustrating her untold stories and emotions through art. Her work includes oil color painting, acrylics, wall painting and digital art with a mainly surrealist style. We love her take on Art Dawg and can't wait to see her other creations.
Freensid is a digital illustration artist based in Indonesia. He started digital illustration back in 2021 and has been directly involved in the world of NFTs since then. His works mostly feature women as the subject matter and incorporate a plethora of colours and themes.
Cardano, Solana, Ethereum
San is a visual artist from Indonesia. He has 3 years of experience in the digital art world. He's a 1/1 artist on the ETH, Solana, and Cardano blockchains. San is a visual artist specializing in anime characters and is also a designer for anime and dark art t-shirt brands. In the NFT world he uses colorful styles with limitless imagination.
Seiiriola is a freelance illustrator with 3 years of experience. She specializes in child book illustration and cheerful drawings. She has made illustrations for novels, collaborated with one of the well-known foundations in TikTok and is currently studying visual communication design.
Urabu is a design illustrator from Malaysia with more than a year's experience in the digital art world. He is a specialist in dark art illustration design and concept art illustration.

I am very enthusiastic to be involved in this Art Dawg project. I want to make a dawg with the theme of ancient mythology from several regions with my own style.
Cardano, Tezos
Asrof is an illustrator from Thailand. He's been in the NFT world for quite some time, having started on Tezos and then found his way to Cardano. His style is cartoon and surrealism and always hope to amaze with works that are beyond imagination.

Feel the amazing world of surrealist art. I hope my dawgs are a sumptuous treat for the eyes!
Pitaloka, usually called Lala, is a digital illustrator from Sabah, Malaysia. She has a passion for Asian art in particular Japanese art. She is very enthusiastic to be part of the Art Dawg collection where she will be endowing her dawgs with a samurai aesthetic.
Vebries is from Indonesia and works for a printing design company. He is a part time digital creator having made several designs for clients. He is relatively knew on Cardano but is working his way to becoming a full time NFT artist.
Cardano, Solana
Aditya is from Java, Indonesia. He has been working in a design studio specializing in sketching and illustrations for 3 years. He is now planning to become a full time NFT creator on Cardano and Solana.
Faridz is an Indonesian artist who has been merchandise branding field for two years. He contributes to freepik and also does T-shirt design featuring anime and dark art themes. We are excited to see what grungy dawgs he brings to the collection!
EGR is an award-winning contemporary visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. From illustrations to murals; EGR art has appeared in print, music videos, album covers and everything in between. She is relatively new to Cardano and we are very excited to see her graffiti-esque take on Art Dawg.
Juccatuca hails from the UK but is currently based in Rome, where he works full time as an art teacher and physical artist. His digital art/NFT journey started in Feb 2021 as the artist behind Tucan Tribe on Algorand. The style for his dawg drawings was inspired by his young students and created exclusively for this project.
Trik09 is an illustrator and graffiti artist based in Sheffield, UK. He specializes in creating vibrant exterior and interior murals and graphics with a style that is heavily influenced by hip-hop and popular culture. Known for his use of bold colors and exaggerated, stylized lettering, Trik09's character style draws inspiration from a blend of different elements from manga, anime, Disney, Pin-up, and classic 'Oldschool' B-Boy graffiti characters.
MFW hails from Bucharest, Romania and is a very well established NFT artist on Hedera. His rad art style embraces the magic of 'Beautiful Errors', blending purposeful imperfections and spontaneous strokes to craft a mind-blowing masterpiece. We are stoked to have him create 6 super rare dawgs!

Phase 2: Transformation

5 Reasons Why Art Dawg Is Awesome!
Real Art By Real Artists
Nihat Bayir is creating the layers and generating 5,850 NFTs. The remaining 150, the 'rare' ones, will be created by 25 bona fide NFT artists in their most representative style using the Dawg blank canvas.
Cross-Chain Exposure
Although Art Dawg will be minted on Cardano and Polygon, we are reaching out to artists on all chains to participate in this project. We love and appreciate good art regardless of which chain it calls home!
Expansive Promotion
With 25 participating artists all leveraging their own social networks coupled with our passionate discord community and Twitter following all utilized to get the word out, we believe we can mint out in a few weeks.
The Art Bank Credentials
The Art Bank, a co-sponsor of Dawg, has been supporting creators since its inception in 2021. A cursory glance at their collection and Twitter feed will exhibit their love and devotion for NFT art.