Dawg Videos

Life At The Recycling Depot

Episode 1 - An NFT Collector's Best Friend

The Rarity Dawg collection was created by Dawg, the fArt Banker's trusty pooch.

Episode 2 - NFT Auctions

Dawg holds regular auctions of all the different types of recycled NFTs.

Episode 3 - Rugpull Relief

It is a sad reality for degen collectors that rugpulls are a very common occurrence in the NFT space.
The fArt Banker's Transcendence

Episode 1 - Don't Burn, Recycle!

Dawg advises the fArt Banker to recycle his dodgy NFTs rather than burn them.

Episode 2 - Shrug The Rug

Getting rugged isn't much fun unless your NFTs are protected by a Monet-Back Guarantee.

Episode 3 - Art Not fArt

Dawg gives a lesson on the difference between art and fArt NFTs.

Episode 4 - The Ass In Class

Dawg encourages the fArt Banker to visit The Art Bank NFT gallery.

Episode 5 - The Urge To Purge

The fArt Banker finally agrees to purge some of his disagreeable NFTs.

Episode 6 - Lucky Bid

Dawg encourages the reluctant fArt Banker to bid at an NFT auction.

Episode 7 - Street Art

Dawg creates a beautiful mural on the wall of the recycling depot much to the fArt Banker's chagrin.

Episode 8 - Relapse

The fArt Banker suffers from degen withdrawals and has a relapse.

Episode 9 - Tough Choices

The fArt Banker goes to the beach to think about what is most important in his life.

Episode 10 - Transcendence

The fArt Banker comes out the other side a more whole and fulfilled NFT collector.