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"The Rarest" Collection on Cardano
The OG collection that provides utility to all of Splash's utilities. These cute Dawgs were assembled using the rarest attributes in the Cardano PFP ecosystem. But they're not just rare, they're also scarce and becoming more scarce.

Rarity Dawg aims to become the most valuable PFP on the Cardano blockchain. Moreover, we want all NFT collectors to use Rarity Dawg as a benchmark. If you're buying into an NFT collection that doesn't have the same utility and deflationary dynamic, think twice.

Adopted Rarity Dawgs



Why hold a Rarity Dawg?

Holder Rewards

Diamond hand collectors get rewarded for holding Rarity Dawgs coming Q3 2023.

Utilities Boost

Get up to a 30% boost (3% boost per Dawg) on all token comp for:
- Booster
- Recycler

Gaming Boost

Dawg holders get exclusive access to the most popular games and/or up to a 30% token boost (3% boost per Dawg) on select games:
- Flipper


Holders can fetch 3 items from the recycling bins for a single Dawg or peruse our vaults for premium fetches.
- Recycling bins & Vault


Rarity Dawg is our OG collection and holders will receive whitelisting access to all future collections.

Phase 1: Tricks

Why would a so-called high brow platform launch this collection on Cardano?
Rarity Dawg is our method of reaching out to PFP collectors so that we could ultimately share with them what we value most - stunning NFT art!
We are hoping to build a thriving art community, similar to the one on Tezos, that is made up of passionate NFT art enthusiasts, collectors and creators.
Rarity Dawg is not just an NFT, he's also part of our animated narrative, Dawg and the Art Banker. A series about Dawg’s journey from NFT recycler to art promoter awaits.
Rarity Dawg is so named because it has the rarest traits of top collectibles. It's our way of poking fun at how arbitrary rarity actually is. Read our full blog post here.
Rarity Dawg was also about learning how to design, launch and promote an NFT collection. And not just any NFT, one that is purely utility and not hype-driven.
A mechanism that helps protect the floor price of NFT collections. Rarity Dawg was equipped with the Converter. Learn more

Paying Homage To Rarity

The Rarity Dawg initiative is also meant to showcase the arbitrary nature of rarity by pushing the phenomenon to its logical end. We achieve this by developing a collection that is only compiled of rare traits from all the pioneering NFT collections on Cardano. We know they’re rare because they’re all traits deemed rare by other blue chip projects. All the NFTs are therefore ‘rare.’ And the ones we determined to be especially rare, are rare, rare, rare. Say that 3 times fast. But let’s be clear, although Rarity Dawg might embody the ugly essence of most PFP projects, it also strives to be very different. How you ask? By layering in utility from day one. We built our recycler  during the mint so that utility was not a talked-about far-in-the-distance milestone on the roadmap, but rather a real and functional service that was baked in. Something that holders could tap into and benefit from immediately. Read our post, The Rarity Phenomenon. Check out the collections we pay homage to below.