Flipper (Beta)

Support creators, win NFTs and tokens every time you flip
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How it works
The Flipper is a flip-to-win vending machine stocked with randomized rewards hidden behind cards that are just waiting to be flipped. Each round users will see what NFTs are up for grabs. All cards that have been flipped will display on the grid to ensure transparency and maintain the game’s integrity. Flippers support creators and help stimulate the creative economy on Cardano.
To play, connect your wallet, select the card you wish to flip, sign the transaction and claim your reward.
Flips will win a combination of fungible token and NFT.
Art Dawg holders get additional token bonuses on each flip for each Dawg they own.

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The Art Bank banks on Web3 creators by showcasing and promoting creators and their collections through interviews, articles, social media, metaverses and auctions to garner a global audience.
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