Become a Stake Pool Partner

Elevate Your Pool, Empower Your Stakers
and Transform The Cardano Ecosystem
Are you ready to take your Cardano stake pool to new heights? Join the Stake Pool Booster, a revolutionary partnership designed to help elite creative stake pool operators, like you, to stand out from the competition and unlock bonus rewards for your loyal stakers.

By uniting the most dedicated and innovative stake pool operators, we're forging a powerful alliance that will lead the charge towards a brighter, more prosperous future for Cardano and a flagship model for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

As a Stake Pool Booster partner, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits that will set you apart from other stake pools, including:
  • Amplified Awareness: Boost your stake pool's visibility and reach a wider audience, attracting more stakers and generating increased loyalty and trust
  • Enhanced Staking Rewards: Your stakers will reap higher rewards, incentivizing them to continue their support and spread the word about your pool's exceptional offerings
  • Standout Marketing: Differentiate your stake pool marketing message, utilizing tailored marketing collateral such as videos and social accounts to showcase your unique brand
  • Synergistic Collaboration: Tap into a network of like-minded stake pool operators, unlocking opportunities for cross-collaboration, shared innovation, and strengthened brand identification
What Splash Provides
By joining the Stake Pool Booster, you demonstrate your commitment to providing an unparalleled staking experience and fostering a passionate community that resonates with your project, mission, and vision. In return, we'll support your growth and success by:
  • Announcing our partnership on relevant social media platforms, expanding your reach, and amplifying your message
  • Integrating your project information and links within the Booster provides a seamless experience for potential stakers to learn about your unique offerings
  • Creating top-notch video and marketing content that highlights your project, driving increased interest and engagement on the Splash website
To become a part of this game-changing initiative, we ask our partners to actively contribute to the Booster's growth and success by announcing our partnership, participating in bi-weekly marketing and cross-promotion, and helping to onboard new tokens and partners.

The Stake Pool Booster isn't just another stake pool alliance; it's an elite network of trailblazing operators committed to making a lasting impact on the Cardano ecosystem. Join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can shape the future of Cardano, one exceptional stake pool at a time.

Become a Token Partner

Secure Token Distribution At Minimal Cost
To A Targeted Audience Supportive of The Arts
We're dedicated and passionate about fostering strategic partnerships with token projects that showcase the power of Cardano’s creative ecosystem (gaming, art, collectibles). Be part of an exclusive group that stands out above any other in the blockchain ecosystem.

Benefits of Partnering with Splash:
  • Access Highly Targeted Customer Audiences: Tap into existing communities of active NFT collectors on Cardano
  • Affordable Distribution: Distribute your token inexpensively to a passionate and engaged audience that supports the creative economy
  • Better Marketing Support: Cross-promotional opportunities across our collective social media channels
  • Join A Creative Network: Be part of an exclusive group that fosters strategic partnerships with like-minded token projects
Distribute Your Token With Our Products
What Splash Provides
As part of our commitment to our partners, we also offer additional marketing benefits including:
  • Creating video/marketing content to add information about your project to the Splash website
  • Adding partner project information to the Splash website
  • Announcing your partnership on relevant social media platforms
In return, we require a simple announcement of partnership on relevant social media platforms, a supply of tokens, and cross-promotion on social media channels.

We’re leading the charge to a prosperous future for Cardano, and we're looking for partners who share our vision. Partner with us now, and let's make a difference together!

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