Staker (Beta)

Stake your ADA with creative stake pools on Cardano and get rewarded with additional token boosts
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How it works
The Staker helps delegators earn additional token rewards by delegating their ADA to any of our creative stake pool members on Cardano.
Stake with any of the creative stake pools for one consecutive month.
Claim monthly rewards by connecting your staked wallet, clicking the claim button, and signing the transaction.
Rewards are calculated based on cumulative ADA staked for each epoch during the previous month, up to a maximum of 300,000 ADA.
Dawg holders receive top up boosts.
Claim tokens once a month for just 1.5 ADA.
Opt-out of claiming reward tokens based on what you value.

Stake With Splash Partner Pools To Access Token Rewards

Increase your staking APY by claiming tokens once a month
Loyalty Dawg holders can boost their rewards even further
Use rewards to play Splash games and win NFTs
Support decentralization and creative stakepools
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Token Alliance

Monet Society
Monet Society is a club created to educate and incentivize Cardano NFT creators, collectors and platforms.
$Monet Utility
Participate in Monet Ecosystem
Bid on auction items
RAD is the currency of Cardania, an NFT based gaming project in development on Cardano. Keep it RAD.
$RAD Utility
Mint Citizens avatar NFTs
Mint NFT music album
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Stake Pool Confederation

The Art Bank
The Art Bank supports global artists by investing in NFT art and making digital art accessible to art lovers and curators.
Citizens of Cardania utilize the powers of the SUMMONING POOL to help fight the darkness and grow the realm of Cardania!
Nova's mission is to build a fair, free and decentralized world. NOVA – a secure, reliable and transparent SPO!
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